Commercial Systems

We at Digital Interiors are a premier AV system designers and integration company, fielding multiple teams of experts that include engineers, project managers, CAD technicians as well as other construction and other industry professionals.

In order to achieve spectacular results, we move beyond installation and production toward a fully realized engineered system. We design, build and install world-class audiovisual  environments for all forms of presentation, communication, collaboration and security.

Commercial Design

Users of today’s collaborative meeting, classroom and entertainment environments are faced with new technologies every day. We pride ourselves on our expertise to make those transitions easier, creating a seamless experience that meets all of your audio visual and IT needs with a simple-to-operate, integrated system.

As a premier integration firm with 20 years of experience, we maintain our top-tier reputation through continuous technical and design training to ensure our entire team stays ahead of technology.

Corporate Environments

As workforces become more dispersed, companies grow larger and their target markets evolve, delivering the right messages to your stakeholders and customers is more important than ever before.

In this context, digital media solutions we provide are an essential tool in helping you craft and deliver corporate content, enabling every area of your company – including human resources, facilities management and individual departments to deliver their messages on an as-needed basis.

Retail & Hospitality

Those in the retail and the hospitality business know that taking care of their customers in essential.

We fulfill that objective by engaging customers with messages, promotions, maps, menus and more. With digital media solutions, retail and hospitality enterprises meet the demands of customers by providing the information they need while increasing communication and collaboration between facilities, suppliers and sales teams.

Audio Video &Surveillance

Audio, Video, and Surveillance has proven to be an excellent investment for all enterprises. With years of experience, we have created solutions for various business to meet their needs, whether designing a new system or upgrading and existing system.

Lighting Systems

Most buildings today are over-lit because light levels are set higher than appropriate for the space, or are lit even when they are unoccupied. Your workplace lighting could be impeding your business growth. In most office buildings, lighting accounts for 39% of annual electricity use. The figures climb higher in specialized settings such as healthcare facilities (43%) and hotels (55%). We provide flexible, scalable systems that can fully integrate lighting, shading, and sensors for maximum energy savings. These solutions can be easily designed, installed and reconfigured to meet the changing needs of your building or business.

Energy Management

Whether you want to harvest the energy-saving benefits of daylight sensing or reduce heat gain and glare with automated shades, we provides many flexible solutions to maximize the efficient control of daylight. Our automated systems can automatically adjust window shades based on the sun’s position throughout the day, leading to 10-30% reduction in solar heat gain.

Service & Maintenance

Did you know that your home’s lights can do more than simply turn on and off? When governed by the right set of smart devices, they can brighten and dim automatically, deter intruders, comfort a crying child, accentuate the architecture of your home, and set the mood for a special occasion— all with remarkably little effort on your part.