Digital Interiors is an Full Service Contractor who provides high-end Architectural Design, Electronics Systems and turnkey Project Management services to upscale Residential & Commercial Customers. We work with you to compliment your Architect, Building General Contractor or Remodeler and Interior Designer to enhance your vision for your Project. Our customers depend on our knowledge, experience, and ability to provide the "whole product" rather than just the ingredients. They require a high level of professional services in order to meet their expectations for complex integrated solutions that need to be reliable, affordable, and simple-to-use while enhancing the aesthetics of their home.


Beautiful and Simple

Capitalizing on more than 40 years combined experience in the Custom Installation Industry among the two founding co- owners, their knowledge and experience has earned them top accolades in the custom electronics design & installation industry. Digital Interiors has also proven to be a trustworthy company. Their quality of work speaks for itself, with design and installation standards that are of the highest degree. A highly customer service oriented business model and a great team surrounding them, they have cultivated a company that shares their approach, and a vision that is admired and respected by their peers in the industry.

Matt Becker leads the Design Team. Upon first impression, his passion for his work is evident. His knowledge of the most technologically advanced systems has earned him a reputation for providing high-end home entertainment and automation solutions that are both enjoyable and simple to use. Matt looks forward to meeting the needs of every new client with the same enthusiasm and energy with which he began his career. Utilizing an artful combination of conventional and uniquely designed products, the Design Team is able to craft systems that meet the highest performance requirements yet blend invisibly and seamlessly into your decor.

Project Management

A process of precise documentation and clear communication.

As an electronics systems contractor, Digital Interiors excels at providing the "whole product" rather than just the ingredients. By assessing each customers individual needs and desires, and by exhibiting expert installation and support, Digital Interiors provides a level of simplicity that we believe has been lost in the technology sector. Our comprehensive turnkey solutions require a strictly organized team approach with regards to detailed product knowledge, proper system design and engineering, project estimation, project management, installation ability, programming standards, and serviceability.

Multi-task and serve many different roles within the company. This inevitably leads to missed communication, or slow response in returning important phone calls or e-mails. Digital Interiors Project Management team does not suffer from this common problem; instead, many General Contractors praise us for being proactive and responsive to their communication.

Keith Robinson leads the Project Management Team and maintains a firm commitment to continually develop a process of standards and procedures for these rapidly evolving technologies. Utilizing his skilled team members, he provides project clarity through a disciplined process of precise documentation and clear communication in order to achieve "complete customer satisfaction." From the moment you contract your project with Digital Interiors, Keith’s hands on approach, and his ability to communicate efficiently and effectively with his staff and with your architect, interior designer, general contractor, and other sub contractors, greatly enhances the collaborative installation process.

This helps ensure your project is completed on time and on budget, with no surprises. Our Project Management team's goal is that your finished installation is uncompromised. The fit and finish will be excellent, and the entire process from design through completion will be a happy, harmonious experience for all involved.